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Gerry wants retail gone

At the most recent town hall, Gerry was ending with a message and during that, he was talking about B2B and Retail. He said a retailer is valued at 2-6 times the EBITDA of their business and a B2B company is valued at 8-15 times.... He then said "which one do we want to operate in, and which one do we want to k–l off?".

This one statement shows the direction of ODOM Retail.... The entire town hall was about investing in and driving B2B and Compucom, while 'optimizing' retail.

I don't know how him or Kevin expect retail associates to give a c-ap, after this most recent town hall. If he wants to drag the moral even further down than it is already, than mission accomplished.

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Gerry's a snuck, he earns over 6mill. Sets at home during this pandemic while he allows the troops put up with the Sickies coming into our stores and offers nothing for or to employees. As if we are to be so thankful to be working for the company aholes. Kiss it gerry

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Not overly a surprise. All stores will be gone in 5-8 years IMO.

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