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2-26-20 / The Axe Falls Again at Synamedia

Yesterday Synamedia leaders decided to balance the books with another LR. LWR affected across all levels. Other locations as well?? Rumors are yes.
For those keeping score:
• 1.5 years on and no accounting system to capture revenues / expenses / profit / loss
• No leadership - yet plenty of managers
• No direction or visible plan to right the ship

What are the odds this company is still a going concern in 3-5 years? Any takers?
Permira getting buyers remorse?

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Stop using the term "LR"

That's some Cisco bullsh!t terminology.

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In VN at least a half dozen in N America confirmed, 4 more from TAC (2 N America 2 Europe), manager as well.

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Normally , if true , these things are announced with an attached percentage . So what is that number ?
Or are you saying its a stealth LR raid , casualties as yet unknown ?
Or is it just BS ?

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