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Consignment Model?

Consignment model? No, they are closing stores...Palo Alto, Diluty, Anaheim, Woodland Hills.

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Protesters did not loot Fry's Electronics.

Fry's are now, converted to Consignment.

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Numbers speak louder then opinions.

Facts would be the total loss/gain after being on “consignment” for 9+ months.

Care to share the loss numbers?

After going consignment the loss has escalated. With no one coming into a store due to lack of consistency in desirable (note this word) product the Frys brothers have created their own death sentence.

Overhead is much, much greater then sales gain, consistently. Consignment model failed hardcore, in part due to not really getting core products for this model in the first place.

Just some real facts.

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Pay no attention to ex-employees posts like this one... it’s all baseless gossips!

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