Thread regarding Helmerich & Payne Inc. layoffs

Thoughts on the Oil War? What's the impact on us?

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No one at this time currently knows what impact the Coronvirus and Oil War will have on H&P. As in previous times the company will definitely have to make cuts backs. If things do not begin to improve, we will see a relapse of the downturn in 2015, possibly worse. This is how some say, "the nature of the beast" when it comes to employment with an oil company. H&P is a very strong company that has been through similar events if not worse. Just keep moving forward and be prepared if the day comes that you are out of a job. I'm not saying this to scare anyone. All we can do is keep working and living our normal day to day lives. The media is a scare tactic; if you keep watching and listening you're only going to increase your anxiety. Just hope for the best outcome.

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