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Layoffs have started

Unilever is shutting down it's office in Shelton, CT. This impacts approximately 500 employees across Customer Service, Logistics, Vendor Management, Deployment, Deductions, and Revenue. We were told last week that almost al jobs were being outsourced to Genpact in Bangalore, India. Any jobs left over were being relocated to the new "Supply Chain...buzzword....buzzword...
Hub" at the Englewood Cliffs, NJ hub.

To avoid calling them 'layoffs', we were all told that roles in New Jersey would be made available to us. We can't provide disposition until 02/14, will be outsourced any time from 02/14 to 04/15, and have to stay on until the company says so (Q3 - Q4) to get any semblance of severance. No pay differential, and work from home privileges are expected to be revoked immediately.

Important info from @14rmp+125ZxVFZ.

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Unilever is a H3llH0LE. It touts DEI, collaboration etc. and is oozing BullSh!t. It's a dead end company with dead end jobs and low salaries. There are real companies/employers out there. Thank your lucky stars if you get laidoff or fired from Unilever. Unilever is NOT profitable and barely making ends meet. One reason for the low salaries, 0% to 1% bonuses and few promotions. Don't waste years and your life at UniBullSh!t.

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Here is a little update: Unilever (and Ale Eboli) clung to this narrative of "the critical importance of face-to-face interaction" even DURING the Covid epidemic. It wasn't until the last of us accepted our severance packages (Jan - June 2021) that they revisited thier plan to force all of us to commute to Englewood Cliffs 5 days a week.

Now? A completely different tune. According to one of my old co-workers, the current plan:

1-day a month in EC; day ends at 3:00 PM and is set for an AM-team meeting starting at 8:00 AM. PM- “lunch & learn” - shares from other Logistics groups. After lunch, a couple hours of group team training to ensure we all get our training demands accomplished. EC departure by 3:00 PM.

Talk about 'bait and switch'.

I guess this is why we were forced to waive our right to sue, and had to sign non-disparagement agreements. At least Ale Eboli was able to move on to his lucrative position WORKING FOR UNILEVER'S BIGGEST COMPETITOR while the rest of us were locked into non-competition agreements.


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