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Multiple Kindred hospitals closing March 2020

Multiple Kindred LTCH hospitals closing March 2020, including Tomball, Bay Area, Spring, and The Heights. Over 500 employees will be out of jobs by March 17, 2020. Why isn’t ANY of this in the news?

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WHY, are you serious? Okay can I be straight with you? Have you been paying attention? In 2008 they almost crashed the world economy. They printed more money. These people who run businesses, there are ten administrators to each doctor. We are slaves to them! They rode up the health system, the costs, it helped us out of the recession. Now they will torch it, it's unsustainable! Why? Because baby boomers are 30 percent, they all had good paying jobs with private insurance. Hospitals lose with medicare. They can't make a profit. That's your answer. The whole system will collapse. One going after the other until they get bailout money and restructuring. A lot of people will die.

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