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The CLEC side isn't profitable right now

We have too much TDM network out there and most of the equipment is end of life. Most of the cash generated comes fro. Carrier (WE) selling large transport deals.

If you look at every business unit we support there are few that make money. The ILEC makes money if you are in the Kinetic footprint. POTS, DSL,T1's are dead. Any markets we compete with cable the products are bandwidth get priced out.

UCass and SDWAN make some money but not 90% profit. We still pay licensing fees to zoom and others for the infrastructure.

Go read up on the financials and you'll see we are out of money at the end of Q2. I can't wait to see our 2019 year end earnings. If they post a date to release earnings we will have a major layoff a week prior. Everyone keeps asking WHEN, this will be the day!

Again it's all smoke and mirrors to save face to the courts and Creditors that we are different now. All of this BS about a software powerhouse doesn't make up for billions in debt

You can rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic but it doesn't change the end of the story.

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The carrier side has been in the ditches for years. Whatever they sell has a big disconnect associated with it.

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That's right. Problem is we have 3 months of cash left and it takes 2-3 years to get rid of that network.

Again it's all poor leadership, planning, and execution.

We're hosed see you in the unemployment line.

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That's why they are trying to groom everything off of the TDM equipment.

But it's the only thing that still works

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Ok great, thanks.

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