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How many people work at SAP?

How many work at the company? What is the overall employee count at Germany?

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That is a very good question. You have to look at the definition of "productive work" to really get the accurate answer you need.

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Here are numbers as of 12/31/2018... Source Below...
You can compare numbers to 2017 and 2018 by using soruce data (link below, Annual Report, Page 88)


  • Cloud_and_software 15,983
  • Services 19,476
  • Research_and_Development 27,060
  • Sales_and_marketing 24,213
  • General_and_administration 6,024
  • Infrastructure 3,742

Total SAP_Group_(12/31/2018) 96,498


  • Cloud_and_software 6,341
  • Services 8,120
  • Research_and_Development 12,478
  • Sales_and_marketing 9,843
  • General_and_administration 2,906
  • Infrastructure 2,160

Total EMEA 12/31/2018 41,848


  • Cloud_and_software 4,268
  • Services 5,736
  • Research_and_Development 5,651
  • Sales_and_marketing 9,452
  • General_and_administration 1,970
  • Infrastructure 951

TOTAL AMERICAS 12/31/2018 28,029


  • Cloud_and_software 5,374
  • Services 5,620
  • Research_and_Development 8,930
  • Sales_and_marketing 4,918
  • General_and_administration 1,147
  • Infrastructure 631

TOTAL APJ 12/31/2018 26,620


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The bonus numbers are out and the global bonus pool is quite nice.

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The restructuring last year laid off over 4000 tenured employees. Bill M said this was needed to ensure they can meet investors expectations and the time was now to bring in “Early Talent” to stay competitive in the cloud race. Sorry, but SAP numbers are down on that in the earnings report.

Elliot will not be happy. SAP employees will not see that fat bonus they are used too and more restructuring will happen in March. Count on it!

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At the end of December 2018, the total employee count was 96,498.
Breakdown by region: EMEA 41,848 Americas 28,029 APJ 26,620
(source: SAP Integrated report 2018, the 2019 version is not yet published)

Around 98,700 employees currently work for SAP, 23,000 of them in Germany, 15,000 in the region. Despite the early retirement and severance pay program, the number is expected to continue to grow, primarily due to the increase in personnel in growth areas. According to Mucic, it could soon exceed 100,000 in total. The German head of HR again emphasized yesterday: "I assume that we will have more employees at the end of the year than at the beginning."
source - May 2019:,-walldorf-1870-mitarbeiter-wollen-sap-freiwillig-verlassen-_arid,439141.html

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Well...they employee about 100k...but to answer your question only about 10k actually work there.

The rest enjoy the good German life in their comfortable roles.

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