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How many people work at Unilever?

What's the employee headcount right now? Will it go up? Down? How many people work at Holland?

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The same in the USA. Jobs are being outsourced to a third party in India. This started in 2020 with customer service, collections, some finance roles and more are shifting in 2021 also overseas. Agreed with the previous post in that for those who are left are expected to work around the clock. if not, having a job is held above your head with a constant threat that you’ll be next to be outsourced. There is no work life balance, or appreciation, only constant stress.

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Excluding the factories, Unilever outsourced all IT support, treasury and finance departments from the Netherlands in 2018, so many talented people and their experience lost, replaced by completely inexperienced and almost useless staff in India. The headcount will potentially go up (again in India) in 2021 but as a company Unilever has lost it's way and is no longer a company you would strive to work for, don't waste any time applying for jobs there, it's toxic, ran by mo–ns and you'll be expected to do the work of about 5 people.

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