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Layoffs Feb/March

People are being asked by the local directors in different markets, regions and hubs to participate in the pulse survey and rate the company very positively so that they are not marked as detractors and next on the gallows. The same happened here in Portland, where figures might look good, even though the morale is not high. There is a lot of uncertainty and much like in the other regions, people just pretend to smile. The NPS is at its historically lowest value and now there are more than 60% detractors at adidas than promoters. Even though Portland might seem safe, it is just temporary. The layoffs will be done incrementally well beyond 2021, with locations constantly revisited for layoff opportunities or needs.

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adidas has become a joke, somehow an awkwardness to have in the resume. Pretty much all the employees are against the Rorsted politics and how he has destroyed the company values.
There are some interesting articles out there on "How to identify a toxic CEO" or "How narcissistic CEOs can destroy a company" I recommmend to read them and see if you spot any resemblance.

They keep bringing surreal figures showing the number of applicants, missing some details like the fact that almost all of the positions are low wage jobs in retail, mostly temp, with 2 digit numbers turnaround per headcount per quarter. No professional in his right mind would ever consider adidas, unless really really desperate.
Unfortunately bogota, delhi and porto will grow, with people gradually being laid off in the hq and hubs in the respective regions.

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