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After 14cyears of service to Cummins, I was let go without notice after Cummins said our branch was safe. They gave me 6 month package. But I had no voice, cummins said take it or leave it. This action by Cummins ruined my plans for my retirement and family. At my age it will be hard to be placed in a job. Cummins will never know the effects of this. It is surprising how they laid off the older people and keep the young ones. My customers are still calling with their issues and very surprised I no longer employed. They have stated they will not be returning to Cummins because if they don't care about their employees, then they don't care for their customers.

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Just sue them

Not that they will care giving a few extra thousand

Get yours and get over Cummins

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In 2015, when I got laid off after 16 years, I got 7, so that sounds about right.

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My understanding is that 9 months is the max.

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Layoffs and Severance Pay at Cummins
Do you guys know what's a typical severance pay package for someone who joined last year? Please let me know.
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Months of severance pay
I was just let go at CTC and received 6 months of severance pay. I had 11 years at Cummins. What did others get? Anyone able to negotiate for more?
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