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Do some research on Cummins before you apply

Cummins is well known in the world for many things. One item they try to hide very hard is their employment trend. Just before major layoffs you will see announcements about diversity, environmental initiatives, employees helping the community, and working with the government on regulations. What you won't see are the numbers around the employees they have fired(laid off) since the 90's. The trends are clear and the numbers are easily found.. How can a company talk about growth and the future when they fire 2-4000 professionals every 3-4 years. This does not include the non-exempt hourly employees who are also let go. How can a company pretend to care about the world and people, while continuously putting their employees through this? More research shows they are firing employees with seniority and then almost immediately starting to hire new employees for lower salaries. Look at the job boards and you can see this as well. How does a company that is constantly firing 2-4000 employees every 3-4 years, grow their headcount from the 35,000 range to 66,000? Do yourself a favor before you go to work for Cummins. Do your research.. It will help you in the long run..

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Well said. This should be posted all over social media.

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I remember a college professor telling quite a few of us that Cummins was great to work for, but only for 8-10 years, not somewhere you wanted to spend your career. That was about 10 years ago, but still holds true today. Some see the fact that half the company has less than 5 years experience as a bug, but sometimes leadership sees that as a feature...

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