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Citrix Leadership are NOT leaders and this recent ADC Vulnerability exposes their failures!

There was a recent major vulnerability with ADC that has been handled HORRIBLY!

It is a cluster fck that has occurred. There are many reasons for this, but the foremost is the CEO David is a financial guy who only really knows financials and the entire leadership has IGNORED Security for a long time.

People involved in reporting security issues were IGNORED for a long time. I have been told many Citrix products have glaring security issues that have been ignored by upper management because it does not contribute to financial gains. Is it true? I do not know. I do know this latest one is the worst Citrix has ever been hit with.

Now the ADC teams are being abused by upper management. Leadership is demanding teams work long hours with no extra pay, and I have heard one of the upper managers, Bob, is constantly walking around looking for a scapegoat to punish, lording it over the teams like a slave driver. It is so bad the poor support guys cannot take lunch. This is abuse by management. Leadership REFUSED to address any of the concerns today in the employee meeting, abandoning the poor souls in ADC.

The direct managers are useless and spineless, and the ADC teams are facing unacceptable demands that are a result of foolish decisions by ELT. ELT has refused to build up the teams, they have not backfilled open positions, have not increased positions, yet there has been significant customer growth. ELT is running with too few resources and not hiring. Foolish decisions. Ask them and they deny it saying they have tons of open positions. Lies. You can not trust that the posted positions are real.

Do NOT work here unless the CEO changes. He is a CFO promoted to a higher position because he was willing to make past active investors happy by enacting layoffs.

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I worked at Citrix and have nothing good to say about the company, technology or leadership. Nothing surprises me about the bungling of critical issues with their tech. The most surprising thing is how well they cover up on their long tradition of endemic security flaws, their own out of control security breaches, leadership failures, and mediocre offerings. At Citrix it’s not about doing the right thing it’s all about lying and not getting caught, and setting others up for failure. Sooner or later this joke of a company will fall apart and any little pieces of value would be absorbed by a serious tech company. In the meantime we just wait for their next failure to be announced, and hope we aren’t directly impacted by yet another Citrix failure!

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Citrix in Santa Clara is filled with people who are imported slave labors from India and crooked executives from India. The long time general manager Klauss bought mostly incompetent and losing companies except NetScaler. One such system was called "Teros" that supposedly made application firewall. They had nearly 30 people but despite Citrix acquisition, no one wanted the product and yearly revenue was about a million. All the founder executives of Teros quickly transferred to Netscaler product line by kissing up to Klauss and Rajiv (Netscaler VP). They didn't know anything about network load balancers or anything remotely close. Yet, they were given top positions and options worth millions of dollars. Citrix tried to give Teros product free by including it in Netscaler, yet no one wanted that feature and most customers disabled it. Despite that, Citrix GM Klausss continued to burn millions of dollars each year on the worthless Teros team to hide his bad acquisition from management. Now all these people including Klauss are happily out of Citrix and enjoying executive positions in other companies.
Another Citrix executive stole Citrix project ideas and started a company in India developing the product that was supposed to be developed in Citrix. While he was developing the product in India, he continued to work for Citrix. After the product prototype was developed he quit Citrix, launched his company and quickly sold it to another Tech giant in Silicon Valley (take a guess a Cisco competitor), In order to look fair Citrix sued him and the start-up but then settled the matter. After the incidence Klauss who was then GM of Citrix became advisor to the VC firm started by this crooked executive. Who knows what Klauss got out of the whole deal?
Now these people are gone but they have filled entire Santa Clara office with people whose expertise is kissing up and back stabbing.

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Well said, the company has gone down the toilet with yes men at the helm.

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