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Ever wonder why there are few guys with 10+ year with CMI

If you ask around, you will find there are very limited number of exempts who have between 10 and 15 years. Why? Because most of them were laid off, and some of them just had enough and left...

There is a reason behind it. If you just want to be a hardworking frontline engineer, and only mind your own business, after 10 yr, your salary gets higher compared to the young engineers. And in company's eye, the younger and cheaper can do all your work anyway.

So it's either you go up or get laid off... The problem is there are always fewer managers or experts than front line engineers, right?! Someone just need to go... But CMI doesn't care. All they care is Max the shareholders profit.

How a company doesn't value hard working engineers with valueable experience could go further?!

  • From someone with 9 years hardworking and only mind my own business in CMI, after seeing all the layoffs, I know it's just matter of time that I let go...
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It’s not just engineers. It’s all professional functions that this happens to.

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Sorry to hear that, but it seems that the only way you are able to stay around (as long as you don't piss off someone at your level or above) is to get to director level or just one below.

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