Thread regarding West Corp. layoffs

The layoffs will continue until morale improves

Terminate employee, re-post job as "remote", hire worker from Philippines. Rinse. Repeat.

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Definitely does not care. Actions have shown this.

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John probably won't respond directly to emails for legal liability reasons.

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I emailed John this over a month ago no response

Current Employee
Tue, Jan 21, 10:41 AM
to kwhalen


I have sent this to John at [email protected], and the higher ups at Apollo Global. I have never received any response. I feel as though this shows that Intrado does not value the employees at all, and this email clearly states that. I am afraid to give my name that is why I created this email address.

concerned employee

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From: Current Employee
Date: Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 8:55 AM
Subject: Disappointed current employee


Let me open this letter by saying I am a current Intrado employee, and I have been employed by Intrado for more than five years. I have been extremely successful selling UC solutions for Intrado. After hearing the Live with Jon on 12/19/19, I am extremely disappointed in not only your leadership or lack thereof, I am also extremely disappointed with upper management as well. It was clearly stated by the Chief HR officer that because you did not hit your revenue goals employees would not be getting raises. I have not been given a raise in more than three years, yet I have been promised one by upper management. During that time I have been over 100% of my quota every year. Employees used to receive a hand written note on their birthday, yet you or your staff cannot even send an email. We used to receive a handwritten note on milestone anniversaries, you send a form letter with an auto signature, and tell our managers to print it off of the printer. You and your team have allowed the organization to fall off of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCASS. This after being in the leader group for more than five consecutive years. You or your team have never done anything to address this issue. Our competitors are bringing this up to our current customers, and that is why they are leaving. You have moved customer service from the US to the Philippines as a cost saving move. The reps in the Philippines are not trained properly, and simply read off of a script. The lack of customer service is causing a large amount of long term and large customers to find another provider for their needs. You and the organization have decided to limit the holiday party to a laughable amount for the employees. Employees are having to bring in their own food to the venue, simply because you are too cheap to pay for a nice holiday party. This shows employees how little they are valued by you and upper management. There is no excuse for your actions, the problem with Intrado is you. Read all of the reviews on Glassdoor, and you will see what the employees feel about you. I am currently in the final steps of taking a new job. This position will pay me an additional thirty thousand dollars in salary annually. Yes John you and your team have stated that you wont give raises, and it is obvious you do not want to attract and keep great employees. In addition to my laughable salary, new hires are paid more than I am for doing the same job, and these employees have less experience than me, and a lower quota..

If you want to be a good leader, its time for you to leave. You have single handily destroyed a company.

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Morale will never be at the level it was, when we were InterCall and managed with a level of excellence and care for their employees. Now, we can’t even get John to respond to emails...because he does not care.

Intrado’s logo shouldn’t be a dragonfly. It should be a pile of sh– with a fly circling around it.

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