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Tyson was once a good place to work

The Donnie Smith era was the recent golden age for the company. It was really fun to work for the company and pay and benefits were good. Then Tyson purchased Hillshire which began the downward slide. For some reason, Hillshire execs were favored over long-time Tyson managers and the company adopted the strange culture of the Chicago based company. Now we get to have G– Pride month! The Chicago CEO lasted less than two years and control was returned to Tyson/IBP executives. However, about three months ago JT hired Dean Banks, a former Google moon-shot division president (Huh?). This is going to get interesting. Maybe Tyson will start producing virtual chickens.

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I left in mid 2017, just short of my 10 year anniversary in the IT dept at Tyson. Everything you are saying is 100% true. Talking to my ex-coworkers, some who had been there over 20 years, things got way worse after I left. They gutted the IT dept. just as COVID was starting to spread. They outsourced over 300 IT jobs to India. I loved Tyson during the Donnie Smith era, but the Chicago Outfit moved in and it isn't the same company by a longshot.

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I have to second the OP's opinion. Why the hell did Tyson hire a Google exec to be the next CEO??

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