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Both good and bad in that announcement.

1) It is a good sign Moobs didnt get the CTO role they promised him and they didnt put more under him. They must be on to his BS. Im hoping thats why the resignation rumor started in the last two his ego hurt and quit.

2) a bad sign....Steven harkings is still around. One of the reasons honeywell dumped us is still causing damage.

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Being in Austin, and seeing everyday up close what happening I can say a few things....
If you have a nickname in here you’re not trusted by your peers and your people. The worse your nickname the more untrustworthy you are, even if s—ing up to people above currently works, which means the more likely you are sneaky and a backstabber good at blaming others especially Hon or Bangalore.
If you have gone from multiple locations to multiple destinations in a couple of year or so, you are constantly jockeying for titles and leave behind you others to be blamed for your failed projects.
We know of one that has moved at least 3-4 times and it’s so sad to see that person constantly focused on “above”
If you work from home and you are not a developer you are just hiding from problems and blaming others.
Until those freeloaders leave there is no way we can take off
So let’s put the spotlight on those people who prefer maneuvering through the shadows... enough BS

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You’re so funny, always blaming the inability to deliver anything substantial on Hon fault....
Maybe spend more time actually doing something instead of experimenting and experimenting like you’re designing some games.
None of the current directors and above would have been promoted at Hon because you have to deliver something substantial not “working” from home in your underwear with one screen that show some games and the other running slack ( to generate some noise in a channel)
Austin management get your head out of your a– and do something that does not involve drinking, snorting, experimenting or eating for free while relaxing half of the day laughing (Actually the developers and others laugh so much about you when you’re not close by)

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Back to square one...CTO with no business reporting. Engineering have their own prios with the business leads influencing nothing. Good excuses for not delivering and mixing water, hardware and software staff moving from one place to another. This org looks like we re back on COEs Can’t get away from the Honeywell DNA, we are doomed

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Issue is not just moobs he is the big enabler ... alone he can’t do jack damage.
All his direct reports are problematic and play backstabbing and sabotage... especially the ones that have gotten a promos in the last 2 years.

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