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Broadcom is a fool’s paradise

If you consider working for Broadcom you need to get yourself treated for therapy . This company is so messed up internally- beyond imagination!
Whomsoever they decide to acquire next ... Listen!
They will cut the workforce to its bone . Do not trust your own management because it’s a game of checkers - each one to themselves and Broadcom loves it that way! The day you hear of an acquisition.. or read about it ..start looking for a job or hope for a decent severance and walk away.
The only thing they are good at is dangling shares in front of you otherwise it’s all hallow . Their people culture is pathetic. It’s been 5 months into this acquisition and all the fizz around Symantec has fizzled out. Nobody seems to care anymore.

Secondly in the run up to the acquisition they will create a bigger mess by laying off folks whom they would otherwise not attract in normal times.

Good luck - I’m outta here

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@CrazyEx....Spot on! Employees are a liability and customers are a necessary evil. BC is really nothing more than a commodity company focused on finding a set of customers where they can gain max share of their high switching cost spend. Then squeeze the clients balls til they bleed cash. It’s quite a brilliant strategy. I left soon after the acquisition was announced as it was clear where things were heading.

If you’re early In your career, say less than 8 years experience, BC is a career k–ler as you’ll gain no useful skill.

If you are late career, say 5 years or less, IF YOU CAN SURVIVE, then you’ll make some coin.

If you’re mid-career your worse off staying as your age and lack of skills makes you less attractive.

Whatever you guys are at, you’re in survivor mode.

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When the news were originally announced that Broadcom would take over CA, I contacted people I knew that worked for Brocade before and after the their takeover by BC. And they told me the following: "BC doesn't care about you as an employee, you are an expenditure like furniture or office space. They pay you to do what you do until they no longer need you, and all they want is you to do what you are told. There is no job mobility, there is no security and if you want develop a career it is not the place for you. Take what you can from them, and then leave, because they have no loyalty to you and they should not get it from you."

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As someone posted many, many months ago....people are a liability at Broadcom. Customers are a necessary evil.

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"Do not trust your own management because it’s a game of checkers - each one to themselves and Broadcom loves it that way!"

What exactly is new about that? I worked in SM in 2005 and am still bleeding from 'back wounds' resultant from management AND fellow employees total lack of morals.

My only long term error was how long it took the C types to wreck the company... I figured in 2005 the company would tank much sooner due to C class gluttony.

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Geeee... Move on already... Stop nagging and telling the same story over and over... You'll feel better if you let it go.

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