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Another layoff

We all saw it coming. Another set of layoffs. This is only the beginning though before they move their SLC warehouse to Reno to appeal to their California market for 1 day shipping. (Despite california being able to ship to Utah within a single day with ease.) Trying to compete with Amazon is ridiculous for Overstock at this point. You cannot compare them in any regard. Amazon's warehouses are massive with various product big, and small to ship easily to the consumer within a single days notice if need be.

Seriously if you're currently working there and there's barely much work to do..yeah expect the layoff, and start looking now. The new CEO is stepping the gas pedal to run that company into the ground. The only people who have even the slightest semblance of hope are those in Corporate.

Retail is doomed for Overstock now so warehouses might as well start packing up. Don't let your managers give you the "Its going to be fine, we still have tons of work for you." shlock. They do not have any work in warehouses. Most people walk around, sleep, watch movies or youtube all day just to pass time because of the lack of sales. There's people literally walking around asking if others need help with their work. The lack of transparency is appalling with some of these managers. Like they're too scared to tell it how it is, and would rather everyone be their friend. Yet despite most peoples brown nosing most here are pretty much screwed.

When the company, or at least the retail side of the company finally falls under it may be considered a good thing. This company cannot keep up with with most other online retailers let alone Amazon. Good luck everyone, I hope you heed the warning signs, and get the hell out of there.

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