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Sue AE

I believe that there is more than enough people to make a law suit against the company ! You must not take any type of money from the company. If we all work together something great can come from this. It’s is totally unfair that you put your hard work into the company and they spit you right in your face without caring. They don’t know what’s it’s like to work with customers or deal with daily basics of a everyday selling team leader position. Having to drive sales, loyalty and everything else. The CEO thinks he’s a big shot because he has all this money in a bank account that he doesn’t touch. He thinks he’s cool and walks around with bodyguards like he’s famous. He doesn’t know what he’s just done to hundreds of family’s. Like I stated everyone should come together and start a lawsuit. You shouldn’t stand down and let them win. This company is disgusting and the CEO is cheap that’s why we don’t get paid what we deserve because all the money goes to the higher ups

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No I haven’t. I sent in my agreement and they claimed they never got it. I scanned it over to them and still haven’t received my check.

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Had anyone received their severance check yet?

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The only case we have is the Warn Act. Warn act requires employers to give 60 days notice to all employees for a mass lay off. It has to be 500 or more employees at once within a 90 day period. Or 1/3 of their full time staff that has been there for two years or more. If you win a law suit then the company will have to pay 60 days back pay. It will be difficult to win because the law states that the layoff has to be at a “single site location” they could argue that the one store is a “single site” therefor only one manager was getting laid off at a single location.

I conclude that this will be a weak case unless someone has a great attorney. And someone is willing to pay for the attorney’s time.

Legally, they were within their rights to lay everyone off. Maybe we could instead fight for new legislation to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

The ones who try and fight for a discrimination case probably won’t win either because mostly every selling Manager was laid off so they wouldn’t really have a case because no one was singled out.

Let’s all be honest though, who really wants to stay in retail? Horrible hours, rude customers, low payroll, no time with family, severe depression, high stress, guilt for calling off sick, under paid associates, and the list goes on. I feel for everyone that got laid off because I’ve been through it too. But let’s see this as an opportunity to try something new! God bless everyone who got laid off. I wish you all good luck on your job search.

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