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Comfort sinking faster than the others

Looks like the numbers will show that comfort has the worst performance since under new “water” based leadership and all eggs are into the stormy basket. Biggest issues are as usual in the embedded development and hardware software integration.
Is a new culture based on fear / threats and lack of business strategy really going to help the situation? Is making noise really the same than being a newly minted leader way over their head?
I feel we are on a death circle that may be fun to watch to the people outside but horrible when inside

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Seems Hardware / software engineering team need to deliver storm to production by Q3 max or even better by Q2 and then most will get lay-off per lists already done previously. It is just delayed.
Storm just needs to get out, rest is irrelevant.
Things were let to rot even more for a few months already. All levels of management works with indecisiveness (which at VP - director level is a problem ) so what did we expect would happen? How are the engineers at fault when there are issues at the product level and no real strategy to speak off?
If someone has a better viewpoint...

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The problem for storm are not truly software based only, those devs may be the easy scapegoats. There are hardware issues as well and costs will escalate fast soon, with even more delays. There are things that are not shared openly by the teams.
Having some project manager no matter their levels constantly beating the team and asking for this paper or this documentation actually gets the team to function slower as fear and confusion increases.
Current engineering management does not have any respect from their team, as that current engineering management is viewed as a “shiny” example of blundering which is typical from a specific region of the world even at director levels of incompetence .
So soon... storm will be a textbook example of a product gone into the ditch and constantly being delayed.
And lay-off will occur in the engineering team because of their local management....

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No worries... storm in a teacup is coming to save us as well as 3d printed models of new products. (They don’t do anything but hey the colors are nice)
No need to understand the market or have any systematic approach. We build some stuff and will sell something even if the customer base is NOT interested and it flops... After all we are the kings of water based products right? (Or are just the dumbest investors?)
We’re not great at selling air yet we should be as after all we sold BS to investors for a year!
Oh boy we are in for loads of fun this year in comfort as they can’t make any good decisions for so many months.
Meanwhile the board is getting well paid playing xbox games as usual instead of leading

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It is not a big secret that there is a lack of business direction and strategy in comfort. Not recent and gotten worse in the past 6 months or so. But hey let’s promote and let see... maybe storm will save us. Then we can spin some more for another year.
This is going to crash. -bad - next 6 months and storm engineering will be cleaned out of what people see is incompetence.

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Lack of strategy or any long term product plans from marketing has been the consensus for years in Comfort. Doesn’t seem that it will get fixed anytime soon as current leadership can’t get anything out of the door. Confusion is driven by marketing / product ownership who can’t explain what engineering should build so it goes in circles.
Business management issues not project management issues like some thought, leadership in comfort is confused and it shows to many.

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Only so much number fudging can happen. There’s a limit how much creative number reporting a company can do. Ask ex cfo, ceo, deputy cfo etc etc how reporting rainbows and unicorns while Rome burns worked out for them. These lawsuits that not only name the company but them as defendants speaks volumes.

I actually do find this explosion very entertaining and a little humorous. Any one with half a clue saw this coming years ago. Especially when all the “leadership” responsible for hon dumping us like a bad habit were put in the same or higher roles to cause even more damage. Then add the likes of clueless and no talent “leaders” like moobs and water punt. I did see this coming as sure as the next tcc outage or the sun coming up tomorrow and made plans so I’m ready to not only enjoy the crash but have my complaint ready to file with the person laying me off.

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Focusing on NA... yeah big difference and effectiveness between the 2 leaders of comfort and security. One is seasoned one is well...water based.
Will get worse when you don’t have any strategy and a screwed up org.
Numbers are still getting fudged for the call in 2 weeks, so latest rankings?

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You might not be aware of Security emea !!!

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