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It feels like the management is against us

I’m talking about the lower layers of management, the people we report directly to. Believe me, I know there is always a gap between the management and the employees, I’ve witnessed that at many companies, but this goes beyond that. By b
It’s like they are deliberately trying to make our work harder by implementing unnecessary procedures and complexities that are creating a big halt in the work and in the office dynamique. I fully understand the mentality that has the only purpose to show who’s boss, but I tend to think that this goes beyond that. It almost feels like it’s systematic and imp,limited to them by upper layers of management. Why on earth would they want to make work harder and slower,especially in the industry where time is literary money?
Will we ever see the day when our managers will have the task to provide all the conditions so we can work o n top of our game?

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Yes. Management is against you.

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Nope company was merged with vencore to be sold off, run and interview with another company. Pure greed running this empty vessel

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