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Lawsuit Update

Awesome. There are so many class action lawsuits against Resideo that they had to appoint two law firms to manage all the lawsuits from other law firms...

BTW, Any one else get calls from these guys? I got two in the last two weeks for info i sent to other firms.

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The core problem is mismanagement in certain segments like the lawsuit argues -rightly. It’s one thing to cobble thing together it’s another to lie about the potential. -which they did hence the crash.
You have the security business + ADI that can fit together and should. But everything else is not really working ... take software and confort for example.. money pits no real directions for any products. Can’t even describe what they want built.
Those unit outside security should be thrown out as soon as we can.
But again the board let those VP/GM continue their spins. Just poor management.
COBoard is ineffective since the start and does not show any will to change so does not bode well for the next 5 years of lawsuits

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Pensions are safe. Will take years to crash.
The main problem that keeps happening is the lack of truthful communication on how everything is going and what are the steps taken -simple yet we can’t even do that.
And clear communication should not be moobs group constantly trying to kick out the former Honeywell employees by spreading fear through all means possible. That is sick.
What’s next a PIP because you came from HON? Or because you’re from India or Melville?

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Those hanging on for that big pension to get bigger may loose out depending how greedy they are. The first thing a company in trouble starts fiddling with are pensions. Take it now while you can.

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That will go on for years, as the numbers and lies will give added energy to those lawsuits.
Some just need to hang on for a couple of years and get the great pension on the security side
Others are just there to have fun -gaming fun type. Looks like Moobs is here to stay - heard today in Austin that he may still get the CTO spot as they did not completely reject him. He just has to apply for it. But he put many conditions. There are no other candidates nor are they really looking for others. Game is rigged.

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I did too. Mentionnes that we could be protected as whistle blowers if rezi acts against people giving information. So if retaliated against president passed over you may have a claim through those guys.

Looks like the business segment cobbled together is Comfort....??? It’s in even worse today as rumors point they will focus on current dysfunctional business management

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