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Sample Layoff Letter Because of COVID-19

Do you happen to have a sample letter for layoffs due to COVID-19...

Something like this, but with focus on Corona Virus

Subject: RIF

  • Hello [Employee First Name]:
  • Company X is sad to inform you that you are being laid off from your position as [if avaliable specify position here] - this decision is effective as of [mm/dd/yyyy]. The layoff is permanent.
  • A recent set of recent events [e.g., COVID-19] has put Company X in a position to act quickly to ensure that the business continues to operate - this will require that we lay off (x number) of employees.
  • These layoffs are caused by COVID-19 circuimstances and are not related to your individual performance.
  • You will receive [amount of severance pay] and you will continue to receive [any benefits they continue to receive] until [specify mm/dd/yyyy when benefits stop].
  • Please return the following company property prior to leaving:
  • (list things that will have to be returned).
  • We very much appreciate your contributions to company X. If you have any further questions, please get in contact with HR representatives using the following phone number xxx-xxx-xxxxx
  • We wish you the best in your future endeavors.
  • Sincerely,
  • (Name of the person conducting the layoff)
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11K views in 7 days. This economy is f—ed.

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translated from Dutch:


As you probably know, the Coronavirus pandemic has posed great challenges to our business operations. The many financial problems that have arisen as a result of this pandemic have led us to carefully review the position of [COMPANYX] on the market.

In addition to other efforts that will be made to reduce our operating costs in the short term, we believe that a smaller workforce is a step towards a viable business in this uncertain economic climate. That is why we are announcing our new voluntary layoff program.

Management does not currently select employees for layoffs. However, if you want to get fired, we are willing to offer the following termination benefits:

  1. Continued payment of wages at (list pct)% of your usual wages for a period of [number] weeks after the end of your employment.
  2. Continued enrollment in our group benefit plan for a period of [X] months.
  3. A one-time cash payment of $(list amount), payable only to non-returning employees.

This dismissal package is available from [date] for all full-time employees. If you are interested in voluntary redundancy, please contact your HR representative or a member of the management team.

[NAME YOUR COMPANY] appreciates your service.



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Here is another template, I think this one is better:


or go to this address

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Re: Notice of Furlough

Dear [employee name],

Due to unprecedented challenges our business is facing due to CoronaVirus / COVID19, we will regrettably have to place you on furlough (specify if a temporary layoff too) starting on mm/dd/yy and ending on mm/dd/yy. We have the right and may change dates based on our business needs.

During this period:

  • You will retain your seniority with the company.
  • Payment – spell out our policy – something like this: The Company will pay for both your portion and the company’s regular contribution of your health insurance. Upon your return, you may be required to reimburse the company for the catch-up contributions.
  • You may be eligible for unemployment benefits during this time. We recommend contacting the [state] unemployment department for further information and to apply.
  • If you have available vacation time/PTO that you would like to use during this time, you are welcome to use such time, but are not required to do so. If you would like to use some or all of your available vacation during this time, contact [insert name].
  • It is important to us that your transition into furlough and back to work goes as smoothly as possible. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding these transitions, contact [insert name].

We very much appreciate all of your contributions to the organization this year. We wish you all the best during this unprecedented time and are looking forward to your return to work following this furlough period.

Best regards,

[A management individual responsible for managing the layoff]

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Here is another template, I think this one is better:


or go to

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Now we have a template... Is this site tracking all layoffs for all companies? Are there any other templates for layoffs? For Coronavirus?

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  • For workers and businesses affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus)
  • Please read a 3/18 update regarding the increased demand on services
  • Employment Security has programs designed to help individuals and employers during this unprecedented time.


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Typical - we won’t even draft our own email or lay-off letter: Need consultants everywhere.
Oil at $20 - bring in consultants
Oil at $60 - bring in consultants
Oil at $100 - the consultants never left

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Screw Boston Consulting Group! They must be one hated group...

If this was from a leaked email, and someone from HR is actually asking for a COVID19 layoff template, then I pray they get the ax first, and COVID as well.

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This was one of the template draft letters designed by BCG Consultants in 2015. Someone must have kept an undeleted copy and is now circulating it to cause a ruckus.

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Is this a junior HR associate practicing how to write layoff letter templates on


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