Thread regarding MGM Resorts layoffs

A more realistic scenario...

If you think you are going back to work on April 1st - please rethink your position

Let's be realistic - here are some facts:

  • It took China about 8 weeks to clean up Wuhan, reopenings started about 11 into it
  • we are not as organized as China, Wuhan was on a complete lockdown mid Jan - we are still loosy-goosy
  • people will start dying, CNN and Fox will pile on, there will be a nation wide freak out

scientific modeling, depending on levels of physical separation predict peaks in late April, August or November - this pandemic will be around for a while

  • all talk about vaccine has subdued now, we now relize it'll take many months - perhaps a year or two - before we have the vaccine
  • furloughs and layoffs are rampant in energy and hospitality industries, we are just lagging a few weeks - buying a sweater is not essential especially if there is an online store that can take care of it
  • schools will remain closed, many folks will not be able to work anyway (have to take care of kids)
  • even if we reopen, huge majority of customers will deliberately avoid in-person shopping
  • if we reopen we'll not be profitable, we are talking about red ink here no matter what we do

So, it's all doom and gloom... Here are some positive things:

  • over 150 vacciness developed, folks are testing this on humans now (fastracked)
  • malaria dru–gs are helping bring down mortality - they work on suppressing the virus and are very-effective - this is proven, fastracked approvals for use for non-malaria cases
  • we do not realize how little money we need to survive, we will be fine (our consumption levels will - drop but that may be a good thing too - gluttony is bad for us and has to stop)
  • our forefathers fought wars overseas, we can do the same on our soil - let's rally - this is our generation moon-shot thing
  • we hustle, we fight, we invent - it's in our dna and this f—ing virus will be defeated and then we'll deal with the sources and messed up setup that dealt us this hand
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