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Layoff Template Letter due to Coronavirus Sample

  • Dear [Employee name],
  • Due to the overall economic impact of Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), [COMPANYX] is implementing measures to protect the financial stability of our company.
  • Due to this, we will have to undertake difficult layoff actions:
Temporary Layoff:
  • Effective [mm/dd/yyyy], [COMPANYX] will be implementing a temporary layoff (applicable to certain groups and certain positions within the company). This notice is to inform you that your position is included in this layoff, effective beginning [mm/dd/yyy]. We expect the layoff to last until at least [mm/dd/yyyy]; however, we will reevaluate the circumstances regularly and change this timeframe. We are planning to recall laid-off employees as business needs requires it – this will be conducted based on the group, position and seniority criteria.
  • Effective [mm/dd/yyyy], [COMPANYX] will start implementing a temporary furlough for certain groups and certain positions. This notice is to inform you that your position is included in this furlough round. You are therefore placed on a temporary, unpaid leave of absence that will start on [mm/dd/yyyy]. We expect that the furlough will end on [mm/dd/yyyy]. Your employment continues to be at-will and nothing in this notice or other furlough communications is intended to be a contract (expressed or implied).
  • While you are on furlough, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Please contact your local unemployment office for information on eligibility and applying for unemployment benefits. This letter may serve as a proof of your current employment status.
  • [COMPANYX] will continue to communicate with you regularly during the furlough period. If your personal contact information (phone/address) change, please provide your current contact information to human resources as soon as possible. As always, you will be able to contact human resources at [###-###-####] with any questions you may have.
  • Should you find employment at a different company while furlough, please notify [COMPANYX] about this event as soon as possible (please use the HR number listed above).
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Here's another one that can be used for COVID-19 recalls:

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thaanks, was looking on the web for a template - i do not work for oracle

good luck to oracle employees, i hope there is no impact on you guys

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This is the same template letter for both furloughs and layoffs that can be found on SHRM website.

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Nice work. You should probably add a line or two containing something like "thank you for assisting us on the next step in our Oracle family journey of innovative hyper-disruption."

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Dutch version, translated to English


As you probably know, the Coronavirus pandemic has posed great challenges to our business operations. The many financial problems that have arisen as a result of this pandemic have led us to carefully review the position of [COMPANYX] on the market.

In addition to other efforts that will be made to reduce our operating costs in the short term, we believe that a smaller workforce is a step towards a viable business in this uncertain economic climate. That is why we are announcing our new voluntary layoff program.

Management does not currently select employees for layoffs. However, if you want to get fired, we are willing to offer the following termination benefits:

  1. Continued payment of wages at (list pct)% of your usual wages for a period of [number] weeks after the end of your employment.
  2. Continued enrollment in our group benefit plan for a period of [X] months.
  3. A one-time cash payment of $(list amount), payable only to non-returning employees.

This dismissal package is available from [date] for all full-time employees. If you are interested in voluntary redundancy, please contact your HR representative or a member of the management team.

[NAME YOUR COMPANY] appreciates your service.



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[Date] [Employee Name] [Street Address] [City, State ZIP]

Dear [Employee],

Our company is facing unprecedented business challenges and we have regrettably made the difficult decision to temporarily lay-off some of our employees. Your position is in the group of positions that’s been affected with this decision.

We are hopeful that we will be able to restore you to your prior position with our company within the planned period. The temporary layoff will start on mm/dd/yyyy and end on mm/dd/yyyy – we do reserve the right to adjust the dates based on the business need.

During this period:

  • Health: Specify what your rules on healthcare are - If you currently are enrolled in our medical, dental, and/or insurance plans, the company will pay the premiums for your plan(s) during this time.
  • PTO – Specify what your rules on Vac and PTO are - Your current accrued vacation balance will remain unchanged during this time. (You will not accrue more vacation hours and you will not lose any previously accrued vacation hours.) You may request to use a portion or the entire balance of your accrued vacation hours during this time.
  • Unemployment – specify what the rules - You may be eligible for unemployment benefits during this time. In order to pursue this option, we recommend that you contact the [state unemployment department].

We very much apologize for the burden that this temporary layoff places on you and your family.

We are hopeful to be able to restore you to employment soon.

Please keep us posted as to how we may best assist you during this time.



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Oracle is not a retail outlet. We can conduct business as usual remotely. Literally no different. If you do most of your business via phone/internet with limited to no on site visit visit to customers, than it's business as usual. The virus does not effect in the way we conduct business, just the business/spending of our customers which is a real risk. Just stinks this has to go down during our biggest quarter of the year. No doubt our customer's initiatives will be paused during this time. Good reason to leverage Oracle Finance.

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Early warning with potential scenarios? I re activated my state UI account just in case

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You have templates here on that link above.

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It looks like BCG layoff consultants are getting bored and are spamming our layoff board with their templates.

Who does this?

How is this template helpful to anyone on this board?

Or, does the poster know something that we do not now?

Are layoffs coming? Is the template for layoffs going to be used on us?

Are they planning to furlough us?

This is not funny at all...

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