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BREAKING NEWS: ELT Grounded. Worldwide shortage of 'humbled' and 'excited' posts

The executive lounge team are currently unable to do what they do best, collect mileage awards, and now have to think about company business rather than picking their next luxury company-paid travel / golf / shopping / gourmet / infidelity experience.

Feeling their pain. But wait there's more...

Wonder how they are going to pick up their LSEG bonuses when the teams they outsourced to cheap labor countries to make the numbers look better quickly are about to ALL go offline?

Hire back the knowledgeable people they laid off...? Think that ship sailed!

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Guessing that the people who have voted negative against these threads are the ones on constant unnecessary travel junkets ? The amount of travel is just not justified, and smacks of totally hypocrisy when you see postings on popular media platforms. There appears to be 2 sets of rules for T&E ?

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What will some of them do, now they can't rack up air miiles ? I know one or two that will struggle with not being able to swan around the globe having pointless meetings (shopping) ? If anything, the Covid virus will teach us that companies do not need to constantly fly people around the globe and there is perfectly good technology/video conferencing etc in place.

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