Thread regarding Marriott layoffs

Wipe out mostly entry level employees who worked their a** off

So unfair to keep so many people in the dark. If I had known, I would have taken a much better job months ago.

Also, they wiped out so many junior people who work day in and day out at HQ while keeping those Dir and above on their payrolls to keep talking nonsense.

Marriott is like gov, only worse, in the sense that it is very hierarchical and bureaucratic, where you climb the ladder by kissing a**

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This is so sad its a layoff and there will be 2nd round

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A different story for marketing and brand teams

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Thanks. That reply I made and the information, by the way, is mostly regarding the IT folk.
I don't have a lot of dealings with property and finance and all that, other than hearsay and bar talk, so others in those areas might see different results around them depending on which lunatic SVP they have. (We say ours is more lunatic than theirs, so take that - ha!!)
I do hope everyone holding the fort down can themselves hold up under the pressure ahead, and may we all rejoin again in a few months.

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Re: @@viz+147

Fair enough, and very informative breakdown. Thanks. I guess that's enlightening and encouraging for the original poster that it wasn't and isn't just the "new folks." Appears the cuts were across the spectrum

Hoping many at the company, and actually at many companies, can recover and survive

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I can tell you that seniority, tenure, and vested status were definitely not the keys here.
There are 20+ year employees who are furloughed, and in the same group, 1-year newbies kept.
There are directors and senior directors gone, yet some of their direct reports remain in place.
The chop did seem very haphazard, to be honest, with very skilled people tossed out and in some cases whole support groups for live production systems decimated.
There are sad jokes going around: "Dang it, I have to STAY." Life will s— for both them and for the furloughed as well. The furloughed won't have a house anymore; those staying will be worked to death for 20% less and never see their house. (New 4-day work week be damned, says the VP!)
To the company's (meagre) credit, they continue paying 20% of salary to furloughs for the 60 days, which should usually cover med insurance/etc. That's not charity – the company, if things recover or at least stabilise by then, will need them back because the cuts went too far. Some might not want to go back if there is ANY other job they can go to instead, given the treatment they've endured over the last few years. But most of those who haven't bailed for good by now are probably stuck there for a reason.

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I believe the words "seniority," "tenure" and "vested" apply here

Sorry to hear of your situation and best wishes

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