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Paccar shutdown

Why no posts on shutdown?

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I was in the lay-off group for Paccar and despite what anyone says it’s an awesome place to work. The company did everything in their power to keep all of us working but at the end of the day they did what they had to do. Very few salary employees jobs were cut.

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Just had a offer retracted by a PACCAR company.
Said the same thing. The whole company was doing a HUGE reduction in force...

I can say i have checked off my "to work for" companies.

I would strongly advise anyone considering working at a PACCAR company to read the reviews on indeed.
And consider them well.

I relocated to go to work there and had to back track. I was supposed to start next week.

I understand industry is grinding because of covid19 but it can seriously ruin people.

If you get a offer somewhere else, I would consider taking it..
Not only that, but the layoffs were based on seniority. So if you're the best new guy around and take pride in your work... It doesnt matter.
It's sad because they appear promising on the surface but many of us will refuse to work at a place where we don't know how long our career will last.

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Peterbilt in Denton shut down until April 6th. However, they are now calling for a permanent layoff. They are cutting back to 100 trucks a day which will almost eliminate almost all of those on 2nd shift. After being there for 2 years those who were hired back in April of 2018 are now being laid off and will not have any benefits during this scary time of COVID-19. Thank you PACCAR!

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