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For those who know, care, and have the courage

University of Phoenix could have listened to its best people and become a stronger organization by accepting constructive criticism. Instead, it has become a symbol of American Greed and the demise of America's largest university. Over the years, it has been an honor to converse with those with good intentions: those who wanted to do the right thing, sacrificed their careers by doing so, and were largely silenced. Is there ANYONE left willing to come forward to address UoPX's wrongdoing? If so, there may be options for you.

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Yup — 'way back when, before UoP (management?) got greedy, made a lot of money and made a few people very, very rich, it was a great place. We instructors were dedicated to helping our students learn and achieve. Many of us put in extra, unpaid time to help our students.

What a mess it is now. It is a non-effective player in the industry, cost cutting by cutting instructor salaries and increasing class sizes. Making effort after effort to "improve" IT systems to "help" faculty teach — at least three I'm familiar with, and none effective.

Very demoralizing.

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