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"We are, however, announcing today that over the next few months, we will start to move ahead with further plans to simplify the company and make it more efficient."

  • CEO 4/24/20
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The layoffs have begun this week.

One hell of a time to be letting people go . . .

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The Cognizant guy is back...
Look back at how many times over the past year this guy has mentioned Pearson being over taken by Cognizant.

  1. ) No predictions have ever been close
  2. ) 98% of people have no clue who Cognizant is
  3. ) layoffs are likely as our business continues to shrink.

This is a result of very, very poor leadership, poor leadership decisions, and poor company direction.

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It's really sad what's being going on with this company.
They have a lot of folks who really want to make an impact on education, but management (and that includes first level and up managers) were under instructions from SLT to focus on offshoring the company for profits. So its just not about the CEO , but the entire chain of management,
The legacy software groups (Mastering, XL) were drained of all resources. In the newer development centers, onshore resources were harassed out of the company in favor of poorly performing offshore teams who had to be handheld and spoon fed at every step.
The ones who are remaining are either too comfortable in their current jobs/incompetent/lazy or are management stooges and have been promised something for sticking around. Good luck dudes - you'll be badged off to Cognizant soon and they will ship you off to work in the middle of a potato field in Ohio. All those polite-whispering-soft gentlemen from Chennai will soon be your bosses and you will be carrying their drinks to keep them happy. Your management doesn't love you - they've been getting cut money from their offshore vendors to pump up the number of offshore teams (ya, even offshore members know that and you know who they are too) . There are others who have been busy chasing tail etc etc.
If you have any pride left - resign and leave. You can still pick up jobs in this market.

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It appears to be a quote rather than vitriol. The reality is that Pearson has been laying off thousands annually for quite a while. Yesterday there were news articles stating that Pearson had identified cost cutting measures. Statements of this type from the CEO have been sent out regularly over the last several years, and they generally always indicate layoffs. While it's sad, scary, and unpleasant, it is the reality or working at Pearson.

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Just stop. The vitriol isn’t helpful, especially now.

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