Thread regarding Spirit AeroSystems layoffs

Layoff coming to Kinston Spirit Aerosystems plant.

We just got informed Friday that Spirit and union is seeking out "volunteers" for layoff, effective May 26, 2020.

This, I understand is plant wide production and support personnel.

Of course, those office people are most likely "safer" than we are on the floor.

A $5,000 offer were in the plan for those accepted for voluntary layoff and opportunity for recall if/ when production resumes.

No guarantee, since they need to "apply" for any position that would require workers.

We were also told that union will not represent us in the layoff matters. NO seniority will protect a worker from layoff, as were explained to us.

So, it would be up to individual manager's choice who goes and who stays, which opens a whole can of worms to favoritism and preferential treatment to those who managers prefer to keep and layoff.

So much for the union. Pay the dues and they do nothing to protect us.

Ask any of those layied off workers in Whichita.

Now, we're getting the axe just as they had, to protect the upper management's best interests and pay checks.

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How many in Tulsa? Does anyone heard yet?

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1,450 employees in wichita to be laid off. 483 are mo1c, 7 mo1b, 31 mo1a. 435 of those are salaries. Departing date is May 15.

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Voluntary layoff has been offered in Wichita but as usual,they will not get the numbers they want,I heard between 3500 and 4000 out the door and could take up to 2 years to get a call back.

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Thanks for pointing that out to us. We're in North Carolina, we can't spell correctly any way with the educational system we have here.

We want askyou and we don't want to axe you to tell us how to spell.

Did I spell North Carolina right??? :0

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