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Potential hack & Creds on pastebin

Noticed a discussion on popular hacker forum about some refinitiv credentials were available In pastebin. Not sure what impact that might have on the current excessive outsourcing.

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@1fhm+14GuvQWs yeah no surprise. I was a contractor too and was invited to a meeting. The agenda was to choose a platform for self service portal. The requirements were perfect fit for a simple web application hosted in AWS. But the management was only considering either Salesforce or Adobe. Eventually the global head and the lead solution architect were hell bent on spending $5m in Adobe platform and prepared to spend yet another $20m in building it. Adobe and TCS laughed all the way to the banks and in Refinitiv people were losing jobs. I sort of get that the bigger the budget you work with the bigger the bonus you get. I presume these guys are still having the jobs and spending millions on building and maintaing low quality complex software solution that could be substituted by a better solution with fraction of a cost.

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My very first meeting had a head of architecture in it and i mentioned RAID while discussing storage on EMC they were migrating to.
He asked ‘What’s RAID’’?
My thought was ‘is he joking’ ...sadly he wasn’t.

Ok so I would not expect someone in HR to know or someone heading up Payroll or Tax , but someone who was head of architecture trading system.

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I had brief stint as a contractor with one of the digital teams. I have seen clear credentials in the source code so the breach was inevitable and should come as no surprise. In my experience , Incompetence is embedded into the DNA of this business unit. This team had more directors for architecture than the industry average and they do nothing but attend/organize pointless meetings. One example of incompetence is they brought an add-on from Adobe, of course on the advise of one particular director. They spent millions to realize a few week later, that it is not the thing they wanted in the first place. No questions asked and the show went on, presumably bonuses paid out. The director I was working for couldn't understand security threats of digital platform yet he was the director of architecture. First I was surprised and couldn't get my head around on how he managed to get hired in a company of this scale. The meetings organized by him would be just either a claptrap speech by him or his chums. If you challenge the him or the chums around, they will will create hostile work environment for you and you will be forced to quit. People like him will continue to make poor decisions for the company as long as they were cheerlead by global heads. I am sure a dozen directors of architecture and half a dozen global heads discussed in a meeting to find a contractor to fire and the show will continue. So nothing to see move on.

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