Thread regarding Dish Network layoffs

Immediately after firing a bunch of employees. Dish has been begging the remaining to take overtime.


Thank you for your continued support in helping the business in this time of need. With the continued increase in volume we will be launching an ET Incentive for Video English.

Incentive Timeline:
Friday, 5/1 through Friday, 5/8
Incentive Details:
All Video English Account Executives will become eligible for a $15.00 bonus for every full hour of ET scheduled and worked over 40 hours.
Incentive Qualifications:
To qualify for the bonus, productivity for each day must be at least 75.0%
To qualify for the bonus, scheduled and worked CTI Hours for the week must be at least 40.0 hours
Partial ET hours are not eligible for the bonus
Attendance points during the incentive period (Friday through Friday) will disqualify eligibility for the bonus

Thank you,
Direct Sales Communications

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hahaha so it's survivor. yeah only low life scum try to get someone else to do their job. if you want to be in a mgt position then its because you deserve to be there and do the work yourself, not because someone else is helping you stay there. imo the wireless is meh. they can't compete there or will be hard. the ott/sling should be the area of focus, its still the cheapest overall.
but laying off a bunch of people at slingtv division makes zero sense, they're going to end up having more work and any remaining good employees will either eventually be laid off as well or quit from work overload

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Yep, that's Dish! Unfortunately, the call centers get it the worst when it comes to Dish's mental abuse of employees.

Corporate has its own set of problems too. They keep you in a constant state of worry about your job because fear is the great Dish motivator. The office politics are insane and rife with nepotism. A lot of Management rewards people who do nothing, as long as they smile and never question any decision. The amount of work you do has nothing to do with retaining your employment. If Charlie saw what actually goes on under some of his directors and VP's, he would fire the lot of them.

The annual PA system there only enables the corrupt middle management more and needs to be changed. Your job hinges only on what is written down here by your middle and upper management with no avenue for the employee to challenge or correct any of it. This allows management to build their own little fanclubs of subordinates who do no real work outside of carrying their water and protecting them from oversight and HR investigations. Meanwhile, productive people who just want to do work and get paid for it can be voted off the island by a fabricated PA for wrong-think.

My appeal to Dave Scott (EVP of HR) and Charlie Ergen (Chairman of the Board and owner) is to start rooting out all the useless middle and upper corporate management that constantly blow smoke up your pipe but are actually driving out real talent and not doing any real work. DO IT before they jump to your new 5G wireless flagship and cross contaminate it.

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