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Mitch are you listening?

Why is it that all the RDs and Dms got to stay home where its safe but we are essential and need to stay in our stores? Here is a better one, why are "balancing " your business by renting and collecting and it is not good enough? Stay tuned! I am sure there are plenty of stories where employees went out of their way to protect Racs assets and profits, but upper management made sure to make them feel they are not doing their job.

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So we had to go over the new requirements for field visits. The upper management does Not want anything to get to Facebook or the media that we are picking up items or not being compassionate during this time. It would be a shame if a coworker went on facebook or the media about the way Rac is treating their employees. Don't offend the customers trying to steal, but who cares about the ones that are threatened and talked to like trash while working in the field, while Master sits inside. Yes sir massa

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If it makes you feel any better, corporate will be asking/telling corporate workers to go back to work soon. Then we can all get f with coronavirus. So smart of mitch and his team. Yay.....

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