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Most stressful place I've ever worked at.

Concho is not what is purports to be in a highly recognized BEST WORKPLACE company. Most stressful place I've ever worked at. The lazy employees are either protected by poor management or recognized for doing what they do NOT do.

What about those terminated after 5+ years of dedication to the company and its success; and recognized by upper management for their excellence - all before this 55+ package offer. It's all about the numbers game and not quality of work. Out of luck. Concho is set up with attorneys to protect the company and put the long-term employees out on the street with little to nothing for their loyalty and dedication.

Says company isn't interested in experience, just robot-training. Millennials should pay attention and learn from this what their company is truly about.

BEWARE !!!! iT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS !!!! Many others support this comment !!! Best company to work for years ago..... but not within the last 5 years and it's not because of the oil prices or downturn of the oil industry or Caronavirus. It's management!.

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It's going on at Endeavor too! The oil and gas industry needs an overhaul....

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30 years of major oil and gas experience and because I stood up to the Expl. Mgr's. 4 letter word insults in a conference call meeting, I received the worst performance review EVER.. Documented everything for HR in exit interview. This V.P. was gone within the year. Not because of me but because the corporate legals perceived they had a "loose cannon" steering the ship. COG was great 15 years ago. They did get the big company mentality. Sad

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Same as Diamondback. Lazy, poor performers are protected by management.

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