Thread regarding Anthem Inc. layoffs

If anyone has an answer about this I would appreciate it.

Can someone answer this questiion also.
Is the dental provider department for anthem also being affected.
From what I understand there are dental provider offices being
closed but some are open for emergencies.
How has this affected this division.
If you know about or are in this division, then please provide some details as to what the
situation is and if they also plan to layoff, or if you heard from someone
who knows someone in that department, that they will have layoffs also.
I am curious to know so I may prepare for the situation if it happens.
There is just rumors and nobody knows what is going on a daily basis.
Thank you.

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Does anyone know if there has been a slowing also in state verification forms being sent to
the dental provider division. These are forms like they have in the state of new york and
other places that must submit a form every year updating if there are any changes such
as address changes, location changes, termination, closing, additions, etc.
I am asking out of being curious basically.

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For the ones that lose their job they will apply for ACA and Anthem will reap those premiums...

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I can't imagine Dental wouldn't be affected also. 22 Million out of work means fewer premiums paid to Anthem. Layoffs will only continue to accelerate through the remainder of the year going into 2021. The bright side is that claims are probably way down since most non-essential elective procedures have been postponed. As offices reopen, claims will pickup again though. Fewer premiums with high claims rate can't be good. Disclaimer: I'm just doing that math but have no actual knowledge. Prepare for the worst though to be safe.

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