Thread regarding FTD layoffs

Furloughs, layoffs & mandated home imprisonment (practically what it is) not ending evenly across the State of IL

New challenge to constitutionality of extended IL lockdown order:

Economics is all about trade-offs.
You cannot simply fret about epidemiologists and concern for overwhelming the healthcare system when you never cared enough before a pandemic to ensure universal healthcare and a potential unemployment office stampede IT/systems upgrade. Such hypocritical behavior. Now everyone's so concerned about everyone's health.

Had government at all levels been prepared, as in proactive and not reactive, this pandemic would have been better managed. People are so often going out in public now, because many need to get access to food banks, because their minimum wage jobs were eliminated, or they were furloughed, and they cannot get their unemployment. How does that situation help NOT spread COVID-19???

Geniuses in charge (pardon the sarcasm)!

A plea to help those still in need. Like if you actually got your unemployment $ promptly, which is not the case for many, according to the news reports:

The Chicago region was hit hardest, has tons of people in need, and will keep getting COVID-19 cases the longer they are out of work, cannot get through the UI system and are scrambling (not sheltering in at home) to line up for food. It's a horrible, never-ending feedback loop now. It's why you need to take a Gestalt approach when analyzing the whole dysfunctional system and not just isolated parts (we have a novel virus, ergo you need to go straight home and stay there, and by the way, we're shutting doen your jobs, and so sorry but our outdated systems are overwhelmed–oops!). Geniuses! Call Mensa quick.

West Suburban Community Pantry in DuPage County is also in need. It's like THE largest in DuPage County (have volunteered there within the past year).

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No wonder Chicago area Coronavirus cases keep rising and the State has had expected peak pushed out to mid-June now-

A never-ending, utterly dysfunctional heartbreaking continuous feedback loop.

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