Thread regarding FTD layoffs

Odds of FTD ever overtaking 1-800-Flowers for market share?

As if it weren't enough to watch a company furlough people and cut pay for others during the COVID-19 pandemic AFTER having just emerged from bankruptcy, guess what's in the headlines for top competitor to beat, 1-800/Flowers?

They're getting TAX BREAKS and grants to keep their HQ in COVID-19 hard hit New York, rather than move out of state.

What, didn't they want to consider moving to Illinois? It's in such great shape having just been downgraded to one grade above junk. Really amazed they didn't want to come here.

No way Nexus Capital is going to be able to nudge FTD into top place competing with 1-800. At best, they can hope to just prop up FTD long enough to get management fees, maybe a dividend recap and eventually a 20% carry by eventual exit (however that ends up in the future). They're not going to be able to pull off a miracle.

1-800 gets tons of good press.

Here's a Business Insider review of FTD:

Cons - Not as eco-friendly

Gee, some of us specifically mentioned the Green issue before being furloughed. Now it's in the press that they have this huge weakness that was NOT lost on them.

Do a SWOT analysis and not being on the Green bandwagon is a major weakness.

I'm sorry, but Nexus needs to step it up and actively manage in return for those management fees. Their investment is getting clobbered by the competition.

Despite having better flowers!

This should be a case study over at Kellogg or Chicago Booth. FTD versus 1-800. Managing a brand through a pandemic.

I see nothing about furloughs at 1-800-Flowers! Despite being in COVID-19 hard hit New York.

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No, that’s just not going to happen. I am a tech vendor to both the companies for many years and the level of intellectual and industry horsepower that 1800Flowers has is phenomenal. They are ahead of the curve not just in floral or gifting space but in ecommerce. Even out here in silicon valley, 1800Flowers is seen as a very smart shop that is on top of their game.

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Just to clarify from above, having better flowers was meant in that, per press reviews, the arrangements look good upon arrival.

As in, it's not just photoshopped arrangements which are then delivered looking absolutely nothing like the expectation.

The Millenial market, however, may think better flowers are the ones most environmentally friendly.

An entire generation is telling others which brands get the Green thumbs up from them (Patagonia, for one example).

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