Thread regarding New Balance layoffs

NB used to be a good company that took care of employees...

  • until the current President and his cronies have taken lead positions globally.

Since, there have been layoffs, unreasonable budget cuts while some GMs in some countries were, during pre-COVID times and in the midst of layoffs, have been out golfing 2-3 days out of a 5 day work week, wasting company money, time and resources, saying it’s part of local business practice to golf, while it’s mostly for their entertainment.

Won’t be surprised that there will be another wave of layoffs with this COVID situation exacerbating the already slipping financials caused mainly by what it looks like failed leadership. It’s really sad, as most of the employees are genuinely hard working people.

It will make more sense to replace these leaders globally, with people who can actually do the job, and turn around the business, rather than doing massive layoffs.

Unfortunately that won’t happen anytime soon, unless the Chairman realizes how these people who are thought to be part of the “family”, truly are and takes action to fix it.

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New Balance remains a manager’s paradise. The furloughed individuals reveal the restructuring approach: make cuts down low. The higher up you are, the safer. Not a great place for junior individuals with career aspirations. Don’t outshine your master.

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