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Now that some c-sinos are planing to reopen..but dont be expecting to have the service team there. Vegas is making a list of who to bring back and when....we should be focused on doing this right for the customer rather than letting them down only to complain about the lack of service. Here's an idea why not take the uppers that have not been furloughed and put them on furlough so we can bring back more FS members to service our customers so for one we can get something right...Nope I don't see it happening...thou I do see customers being p-ss-d off and removing more of our products.

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I agree with you, a lot of the people who played the slot machines and games for older people and they're not going to go out and risk their health. As far as attracting younger crowds the c-sinos have not done a good job at it skilled games did not takeoff and I do not feel that they will. The money lineals don't have money to play f*** machines, they rather go to the nightclub or stay in their parents basement playing online. Making my opinion c-sinos are done

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The world will be dealing with a global pandemic for a while. Going to a c-sino will not be a priority for anyone. A lot of people lost their jobs, so they won't be spending any money in a c-sino. Also, the median age for slot players is - what - 50, 60, 70 years old? A lot of them probably have died of Covid-19!

I don't mean to incite fear, but rather state the facts about the gaming industry. Even before the pandemic, gaming companies have been struggling to attract younger players. It's time to move on to something else, whatever that may be for you. Anything that involves large social gatherings will be on hold for a long time.

Good for you if you feel like you want to stay loyal to Scientific Games after getting furloughed. I know there are a few "chosen ones," but the company does not treat the rest of their employees well. The company politics is ridiculous and the nepotism is there to stay. If you're not part of the "in crowd" then it's best that you use this furlough opportunity to find something else.

Best of luck to us all, whether we are called back or not.

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I think the c-sinos will be pulling a lot of games off the floor to make room for the social distancing requirement of 6ft. I think the small companies whose games get little to no play will be in trouble as those games will be the first to be taken off the floor. The c-sinos will need games that make money and attract patrons.

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