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A 5 year delivery driver for the company here! Let me tell you something no regard for are health and safety from this deadly virus! Until just 2 days ago we finally closed are doors and stopped deliveries which I have continued to do! But the kicker is we closed the store but the doors are locked with us inside working for the day! Doing whatever we can to stay busy! If we decide to take a voluntary leave we are terminated! We would have to be rehired with no guarantee of a job! They don't want to pay us unemployment at all! Told us to tap into are 401K plans! Really! Are you f—ing kidding me! And on top of that guess what I'm home sick today! This company is unbelievable!

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I work at a company just like rent a center.. Its called great rentals in ny and i stopped coming in cause i have a underlyning condition and i do not want to cautch the virus but now i probably wont even be able to get unemployment.. Its all about money for them they dont care about our safety.. Essensial my a–. Lol there doing hot deals on labtops thats not essential..

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This is not accurate. They will not contest you for unemployment. And no one in this company said anything about tapping out or into your 401k. In fact if you choose to Temporarily volunteer to terminate they will pay your med insurance for up to 2 months through COBRA I am a ACM for 4 yrs with RAC. Know the facts before you start spouting off.

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