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A time to be concerned

I can say it is never a good time to panic, no matter how bad the circumstances are, but if there was ever a time to be greatly concerned about the situation at rac, that time is now.
Let’s face it, the people that form the majority of our customer base, low and middle income families, people living from paycheck to paycheck, are going to be the ones that will be impacted the most by the crisis and the possible recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People can’t afford to pay anymore and the customer base shrinks, it’s as simple as that.
While I’m sure that most of the employees are pretty much aware of this situation, what bugs me the most is that it looks like the leadership isn’t aware of it, or they pretend that they ‘re not aware. Have they even tried to take any steps towards softening the blow? Is there any idea what to do except laying off people that made this company function in the first place?
Crisis like these are dangerous anyway, but a combination of a pending crisis of this magnitude and an ignorant , clueless leadership is an awfully toxic combination in these times.

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Approximately 160 were furloughed in plano and Atlanta offices

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We just had furloughs at home office and leadership is cutting their salaries as well.

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As Warren Buffet says "When the tide goes out you see who's swimming naked". RAC is not the only company with an incompetent and diverse management team. Now is a time of crisis and crisis defines character. Many companies will fail and every-ones standard of living will fall. It could be that the customer demographic at RAC will transition to formerly middle-class blue and white collar families that are now forced into a cash poor and frugal lifestyle. Time will tell...

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