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Tone Deaf Leadership

New proxy came out today. I was surprised (not!) to see any changes to Exec Comp when our leader, CK just yesterday promised to "meaningfully reduce Denbury’s LOE and G&A expenses". More lip service from the top, and likely more cuts at the peon-level.

Proxy is here:

2020 Exec Comp is on page 45. Total Target 2020 Comp:

Chris Kendall - $6,032,000
Mark C. Allen - $3,276,000
James S. Matthews - $2,050,000

These kind of decisions will be the death of our once beloved Denbury.

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I just heard from my friend at DNR that he received and email saying he was being laid off with 5 mos or pay and 5 mos or cobra paid. Now, I’m seriously scared.

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@Tired of Corporate America

You’re more than welcome to go find another company. All salaried employees at Denbury are well compensated. If you want to be “Elite”, get the experience and go run your own company.

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For the first time, I agree with the Democrats on sharing the love with the rest of us peasants...

Beyond my joke, this is insane from a business aspect. I wouldn’t continue paying $75k for a new car every couple of years if it didn’t produce the results I would expect.

My question to our Executives:

  • Do your actions show that employees at DNR they are really valued?
  • Do you believe your salary is warranted, when you continue to under deliver, force retire some yet continue to increase your own salaries more than the typical salaried employee?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be working and all, but at some why should I work like a slave and not have the opportunity to become more financially stable like the elite?

Your inactions speak louder than the HR talk you continue coaching your puppets to say in meetings...

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3% isn’t happening this year, 0 raises this yr and probably next

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I like CK and honestly he should get paid for inheriting PR’s mess.

Also of note, the 10%+ raise in pay. Why not 3% like us peasants?

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Check out page 56 on what our executives make if fired....must be nice. Sheesh

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