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Panera lays off hundreds of long time workers (8, 10, 15+ years), gives less than 1 month pay in severance; Just Disgraceful

Panera just laid off at least 40% of their catering sales managers/inside sales reps nationally, the rest to follow in the coming days/weeks. This was the last department bringing in the remaining dollars out there. This from companies feeding their entire staff, as they stay and work overtime to keep up with the demand (grocers, big box stores, warehouses, etc.) This is a team that made YOU-PANERA- POS, triple digit millions upon millions yearly. Up 30% in 2019 from the year before. Then add insult to injury, Panera gave people who had devoted years- 8, 10, 20 years of loyal service a pathetic severance of less than a months pay.

While other CEOs are not taking a salary from their multi-millions dollar paychecks to make sure the people who help build their company, were taken care of, Panera cut people loose without a care.

Panera is a disgrace to companies. "we're all in this together" Really??? you mean "the leaders are in it together" and everyone else who was let go; you are on your own.

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Now they have outsourced their delivery service. uber eats and doordash will be delivering. With a larger delivery area. My store cut back on drivers while orders for delivery were booming.

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My brother worked for this company for 16 years as a manager and this is how they treat their employees!😡 Boycott Panera Bread

Sickening! My brother was the heart of his store and now nobody wants to go there🤷‍♀️ You lost our family’s business for good!

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Spot on. Tricked to believe it's a great company to work for and then boom, see ya later even though you've consistently hit the metrics.

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