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Ex-intel mushroom management

Ex-intel managers are experts in obfuscating information, taking credit for their employee's hard work and blaming other teams for missed deadlines. These mushroom managers ran Intel into the ground. Now it's our turn to be fed b—s—. Most of them are unaware of basic development and testing techniques.

Better to use this virus as a pretext and get rid of ex-Intel middle management.

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No 5G yet! How is it going with Intel designs!
Personal heating devices were bought in lieu of 5G modems.
Even samsung has built an integrated modem by now.
Chumps got fooled.

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Can't we all just get along. Age discrimination of expert from the 80's is just another us .vs. them rant.
Karma is a b–ch, you too will reach 50+ and your reaction time will slow and it will be your turn s—er.
Apple is a far cry from what it was when it was top of the charts cranking out 4th generation software, too bad it got buried deep inside IOS.

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Yeah, we call them powerpoint managers!

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More and more Intel people are coming completely drunk to evening online meetings. Slurring their words, staying quiet most of time, making simple mistakes over and over, and never turning on their video are all hallmarks of meetings with Intel people.

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I am now forced to deal with them on a very frequent basis, and it’s an excruciating experience. Want some examples? Take that TD guy for example (if you know him, you‘ll know immediately who I am referring to). Was a rather big shot in Intel modem software development (explains a lot). Technical skills seem ok, but zero people skills, zero leadership skills, zero motivation skills, zero presentation skills, zero vision, zero improvement drive, zero humor, minus 100 charisma. Feels like someone who just arrived by time machine from the 80s. Ask that guy when was the last time he read a book on modern software development methodologies. I‘ll bet you $100k that he‘ll answer: „A book on what?“ I was told he‘s one of the „old Siemens guys“. Apparently, that is not a good thing.

That kind of guy should be sitting at a desk, analyzing specifications at one fifth of his current salary. We only picked him up, because he happened to work in Munich at the time of the acquisition. It‘s a bit like: „Ok, now you own these patents, this lab equipment, these desks, these office supplies, these plates, this silverware, this half-full cup of old coffee... oh... and this guy!“

I am sure there will be a clean-up soon, and people like that will be eliminated.

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Ex-intel managers are the butt of jokes here at Apple. They aren't completely useless. At least they provide comic relief.

How clueless are ex-intel managers?
They couldn't find a d—o if it was stuck up their a–.

What is common between ex-intel managers and Joe Exotic ?
Huge egos and plenty of hot air.

Save our ex-Intel tiger Kings.

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