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Massive Furloughs are starting (7000 people) at AutoNation

This is expected. Sales are down, April will be horrible. I am predicting 90% drop, finance folks are saying 80%. We'll see. I know things will improve, let's all hope this corona virus thing goes away quickly. People will be scared to spend money - no matter what. I do not epect all 7,000 people to return - some will be permanently laid off.

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Announced June 2nd 3500 employees will be laid off. No warning presented to State. Very disappointed in this companies shuffling hustle of monies last 2 months. They gave back the PPE which would have protected employees from being laid off. And here we are. Very disappointing. Culture eats strategy for breakfast here until the last sausage is gone.

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A total and complete lockdown and quarantine of our nation would have stopped this a month or two ago, its all been too little too late, look at what other countries have done or did, human life and the survival of those whom we love trumps trumps economy , making a sale or a quick buck , is not putting so many of our loved ones at risk that believe falsely that a new car will be the answer to their lifetime dreams its been a long time coming that the automotive industry will need to change the sustainability of continuously selling a new car to someone every year and then just rolling over the lost equity into another loan and another loan or leasing a new vehicle over and over again we are spending such a large portion of our incomes on transportation when the vehicles are supposed to last for 10-15 years or longer but now with all of the electronics and “self driving” features that give us false sense of security and eventually make us to be not alert and make us lazy and dependent on artificial intelligence and also so that we can no longer do any of the work on them ourselves can you see where this is all heading? Anyways maybe I’m wrong but if anything this virus does show the weaknesses in our economy and business and just how paycheck to paycheck most of us live and what is important to us and what is not and how much savings does the average American have? May God have mercy on us...

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