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A perfect opportunity for layoffs

I don’t mean to minimize the seriousness of the Corona Virus situation. People are dying and at this point it is most important for all of us to get out of this situation alive and well.However, our leadership never cared for the employees so I suppose that they are going to use these specific circumstances to perform layoffs that are not necessary.
Overstating the bad situation at the company provides a perfect opportunity to get rid of the employees they planned to get rid of anyway, regardless of the virus. These are specific times and I think they are going to use that to avoid the standard barriers to lay people off. If that were to happen, and I bet it will, I think that all of the affected people should consider the possibility of reporting that behavior to the authorities.

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The mo–nS at Corporate just sent down a memo about initiating "Easy Leasing" BOPIS ordering for our customers. I anticipate a lot of problems with this. The same jokers, who must be straining to justify their jobs during this pandemic, also sent down a "planogram" on how to properly fold towels, washcloths, and bath rugs. REALLY? You folks at Corporate must really think that we are stupid. The next round of layoffs should begin with you, the VPs, and Bruce!!!

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