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So with everything happening.....
Hopefully ex-Nestle folks are still checking in on this cause they some what still care for PEOPLE they worked with.....
I need help with this pension stuff.
I’m 30 and I don’t know what I need or should do. I have had some feedback to keep my money and still invest on my own with my own person.
I don’t known technical terms...
but with this corona sh– happening I need more input. Please and thank you. I have like a week to figure all this out.

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if u take the lump sum its 30% off the top plus could be extra at tax time depending om how much u make i would roll it over to an ira with your nestle pension. unless u got another job with a 401k than u can roll it ovr into that. but with an ira your family can be beneficiaries including kids. if u leave in the pension fund it only makes 3% a year can make much better in the market when this virus thing settles down

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Take a lump-sum and run are there anybody gets Nestle out of their mind their mental health will come back if you're a regular guy I don't realize the six and a half years I put in with these guys what it did to my life take the money in the bonus and Severance and go get yourself a decent job with normal hours

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I have some knowledge.
It depends on :

How much you have in your pension.
Are you working full time now.
If you don’t have any knowledge investing then leave it in or roll it to a 401k or a roth ira
or regular ira.
There’s a lot of factors involved based on your personal information.
I would email or text you but there’s no way I’m putting any personal info on this board

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