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If you are an employee or client of DST now SS&C Health Solutions get away from them

This company is led by terrible senior management. If you are an employee or client get away from them as soon as possible.

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The CEO Of SS&C is known for doing like the song says “take the money and run”. He and the SS&C run shell companies to manipulate the stock market. They don’t make their money off of making real profits like a real company. They do acquisitions of companies that have a few assets they can pull out of the company. They try to do this below the radar of the S.EC. and the I.R.S. No company they acquire really does real business. Unfortunately, what these vampire stock manipulation organizations do is not illegal on the surface.

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Clients, employees and stock holders need to know the truth about this organization. There is nothing health care centric about them. Healthcare organizations care about people. That is what healthcare is people caring for people. This organization is only about taking the dollar in anyway it can. They lie to their employees, lie to their clients and the biggest lie is to their stock holders and investors. Like someone else stated in this post. If you see this organization coming to acquire your company ——- RUN. They will remove all the assets and strip it down to nothing then move on to their next victim. People need to know the truth.

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